Grazing Platters

Our grazing platters are perfect to share with others or indulge by yourself, we have four different sizes available to choose from.  Each platter has a selection of cheeses, meats, fruit, sweets, biscuits, lollies, nuts & much more.

Small $30.00 (1-2 people)

Medium $48.00 (3-5 people)

Large $85.00 (5-10 people)

Extra Large $135.00 (10-15 people)

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Other Catering Options

We also have other catering options available.  Sandwich platters, wraps platters or a combination of both.  Sweets platters, fruit platters, hot platters.


We can also arrange individual platters which are perfect for COVIDSAFE regulations.  

These are little platters which have a section of items perfect for one person.  

We can create any combination you require whether it be for breakfast or lunch.

Sandwiches $5.00 each

Wraps $8.00 each

Hot Platters

Small $35.00 (1-2 people)

Medium $55.00 (3-5 People)

Large $85.00 (5-10 people)

Sweets Platters

Small $35.00 (1-2 people)

Medium $55.00 (3-5 People)

Large $85.00 (5-10 people)

Fruit Platters

Small $28.00 (1-2 people)

Medium $40.00 (3-5 People)

Large $65.00 (5-10 people)

For all catering enquiries, please contact us via phone, facebook or email. 

Phone: 07 49973565